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First day of issue: 2022
Occasion: 2006 Winter Olympics,2006,Turin,Italy
Width: 86 mm
Height: 104 mm
Perforation: Perforated 13.50 x 12.00
Location: Ice Hockey Volume LVIII
Stamp ID = 7610

This is NOT an official stamp. More than likely it was created for sale to a guilible stamp collector.

Souvenir sheet shows Aki Berg
Souvenir sheet shows Jussi Jokinen
Souvenir sheet shows Mats Sundin

From Linn's "Stamp Issuing Entities Of The World" page.

Haiti (1881-)
Stamp-issuing status: active; Population: 6,611,407. A republic occupying the western third of the island of Hispaniola in the West Indies.