Czech Republic

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Cancel is in memory of the Czechoslovakian 1950 ice hockey team jailed for treason. The cancel lists the names of the players involved. Click here for details.

Cancel size is 68 mm x 28 mm.


7.10.1950.201011000 PRAHA 1
hokejove oběti komunisticke zvůle
Modrý Bubník
Konopásek Roziňák
Kobronov Jirka7.10.10
Cerveny Macelis
Hajny Stock


7.10.1950.201011000 PRAGUE 1
hockey victims of Communist choices
Modrý Bubník
Konopásek Roziňák
Kobronov Jirka 7.10.10
Cerveny Macelis
Hajny Stock

Location: Ice Hockey Volume XLVII

From Linn's "Stamp Issuing Entities Of The World" page.

Czech Republic (1993- )
Stamp-issuing status: active; Population: 10,318,958. A republic in central Europe, comprising the Czech portion of the former Czechoslovakia, corresponding to the historic Bohemia.

Cancel shows Gustav Bubník
Cancel shows Zlatko Cerveny
Cancel shows Přemys Hajný
Cancel shows Josef Jirka
Cancel shows Vladimír Kobronov
Cancel shows Stanislav Konopásek
Cancel shows Jiři Macelis
Cancel shows Bohumil Modrý
Cancel shows Václav Roziňák
Cancel shows Antonín Spaninger
Cancel shows Josef Stock